Mobile and App Marketing

This week we are going to discuss inbound and outbound marketing briefly. Next we will discuss mobile and app marketing. Internet marketing is changing quickly all the time. Marketers have to be aware of the changes and which ones the consumers are using. Inbound marketing is unobtrusive and in larger campaigns such as blogs has quality content. SEO lets the consumer find the seller. Traditional marketing is not effective or cost effective. TV commercials can be ignored, direct mail can be tossed and print products are being replaced by digital formats. While the marketplace gets more competitive the consumer group grows larger and shops differently. Marketers need to find new ways to acquire new consumers to continue to grow. The Internet has changed the way consumers behave. The use of the Internet is going to continue as the size of the market grows. Under developed countries are major targets in the global marketplace. Marketers have to determine how consumers behave in the ever-changing market. A major trend is the use of mobile devices, especially the cellar phone. Consumers carry their phones providing an easy convenient way to reach them with campaigns targeting the venue. As the consumer moves to devices such as the smartphone, so should the marketers. Campaigns can be as simple as an ad for a coming sales to attracting the consumer with more involved campaigns. Examples include IKEA’s digitized catalog app, Ford’s search for “media influencers” with a Fiesta free for six months and contests with prizes that entice the target market. Analysis showed it was a successful campaign. IKEA had an app created to digitize the company catalog. Time of engagement and hits increased by three times. Conversions and retention increased.

Use your creativity to apply the tools available to reach out to your consumers. Create an app to attract the market for the product or service. Make the experience inviting enough to want them to come back. Once a design is created services are available to build the app. Tutorials also exist online to teach learners how to create the app. Utilize collected mailing lists, points of contact and social media to put the app out there. The ads and campaigns should be unobtrusive and have quality content. Remember the success of contests, samples and test runs offered by companies to consumers. The last example offered is using eBooks to build lists. Offer information in eBooks free. The call to action is to order the book free and returned for additional products or services.

Use music, art, games and classics but use them on mobile and app devices that travel with the consumer everywhere they go. Use the Internet and mobile devices to improve your own skills, get ideas and learn ways to use it to the best advantage for your product.

See you next week.



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