Emarketing, social media and email campaigns



Small business to large corporations are using e-marketing. The benefits include the ability to reach near and global markets, to gather the data needed to plan effective marketing strategies and to build relationships with new and existing clients. Businesses have access to an over whelming amount of data. The first thing a company needs to determine is what data is the best indicators of how to reach potential clients. Keywords are import to lead users to your site. However once the users have been to the site whether the users buy or not, businesses have to understand the users actions. Once the business knows the users actions the business is ready to build a strategic marketing plan to reach the company’s goals.

A trending tool is email marketing. This can be done by any business including the artist entrepreneur. Just as there are tools for analyzing user data, there are tools to help preform email marketing. One high level tool is mailchimp. Mailchimp helps the business create a mailing list that is sub categories by segments. Once the list(s) have been created campaigns are created. Mailchimp has graphic tools to design the email. Services include analyzing the responses.

For the travelling artists, the email marketing is an excellent tool for letting clients know the schedule of shows and events. Emails can announce specials being offered and how the client can obtain products. Lastly, it can be an ongoing communication between the business and clients. Today artists can utilize websites, email and other tools offered by the ever increasing functions of technology.

Quick tips for artists and entrepreneurs

Marketing Tactics

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